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Hi, this is my rants regarding computer sciences and socials. Currently my profession is a software developer, I love creating things that purposeful using computer , and to boldly go where no man has gone before. Delights? I am ..mostly caffeinated ;)

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Soc.Record : Ladies and Gentlement This Is The FIRST Indonesian Game
.. it's a funny thing, how could it became the FIRST?? most indonesians are funny.. :

o First Indonesian Game Controversy
o MURI (Record Museum of Indonesia) rants

Dev: Becoming Software Architect.
Software Architect ? --wow-- , even I had never take any licensing for my Java development capabilities.. but it's a very interesting topic, since I am pragmatic enough for software development. Luke Hohmann talks with Bill Venners about the social role of software architects, the value of sticking with a product release after release, and the importance of domain knowledge , please have a look at this interview : http://www.artima.com/intv/architect.html

Soc.country: Gas Issue.
In my opinion, mr. president had done a better job than previous ruler of this country, well but..then it came another issue about the price of gasoline. Indeed when the government took action about raising this price of primal necessity, then it took another impact on the others : car fare, costs , life expense ..et cetera , et cetera. Imagining this, would the mr. president keep his feet on the floor of the palace for longer time ? we'll see.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Dev: Python Scripting

Python is being used by Firaxis and Take Two Interactive for next up-coming release of Civilization IV, and also for BattleField 2 (slashdot: In an interview with Lars Gustavsson of DICE, it was mentioned that Battlefield 2's modding tools are going to be delivered with the game, and that the tools are the same ones used to develop the game. The modding language in use is Python, and will support all aspects of the language ) , IMHO Python is not a good option for building the pieces of software called 'Components' , but I recommend it for 'doing things' with native components, since Python is well integrated with C/C++ and Java (if you choose Jython) . Any Idea.. ?

Critics: stupid jerk journalists --or their boz?

Some people in my country think, that by involving as journalists to the international-class conflict area such as Iraq, will raise their television ratings /or/ their career. Insurgents took them and freed them after being held for a week in a remote desert area of Iraq. The insurgents decided to released these journalists based on the confirmation from Indonesian president and for the sake of Muslim brotherhood . So what do you think about the security provided by Indonesian government --one of the most corrupted country-- for their citizens abroad , is it comparable to CIA or FBI?.. so why their boz send them to the conflict area , just for increasing their broadcast ratings?


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