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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Contemplation : Chakra Activation in Islamic Prayer

"..let Shalat and patience become your helper.."

Islamic Prayer or Shalat is an obligation for muslims, whenever or wherever in any condition. Shalat become a lawful obligation since ninth or tenth year of Muhammad mission in Arabia. There were some interesting discovery, and why the pioneers of Islam mission were the very successful peoples ever tracked on history.

I will explain some chakra activated on prayer,

1. Crown chakra, where the prayer put concentrations on GOD during shalat:
The concentration state also called by Muslims as Khusyuk . This causes the cause of Mind, Life, the physical body of Conscious awareness and vitality and continues its manifestation of the Pituitary gland, the master gland of the body. The Pituitary gland is the first gland to appear in the human embryo and is the first order of physical manifestation of man in the womb. This is the primordial or fundamental beginning of all Human existence and is the beginning of the "downward born elements" or manifestations of The SPIRIT of GOD in its aspect of Creation of the Human body. There is no such thing as being "outside" of, or "without" GOD." "I AM always present with thee." This should not be lightly taken in complacency.

2. Brow chakra, this is activated during prostration/ sujud :
the center of Enlightenment, Spirit knowledge, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, the ability to penetrate through the veil of the particle world and peer deep into the realm of SPIRIT. Things are seen in The Mind that are not possible by Human eyes alone. It is not subject or bound by Space and Time. The Brow Chakra furthers its manifestation of the Pineal gland that is responsible for the production of Melatonin and is believed to help the body adjust to stress. The Pineal gland governs the waking and sleeping cycles of the body. The exact nature of the Pineal gland is unknown to science.

3. Throat Chakra, activated during reciting Koran and repeated chant called Zikr :
This chakra is the power center of communication. The opening of the Throat Chakra varies in humans and depends on how well developed and disciplined they are and how it is used. The Throat Chakra furthers its manifestation in the creation of the Thyroid gland that produces Thyroxin to convert oxygen and food into usable energy for the body. The Larynx or voice box makes it possible for verbal human communication in the realm of Consciousness as it vibrates sounds in varying degrees and thus creating a unique human voice that is manipulated by the tongue and lips to form the unique sounds and words of every language of our world.

Technicaly, these conclusions needs more research especially on the mental model of Islam's pioneers in 7th century AD. Since I am a Muslim also having interest in the area of Conscious Reality Science, your addition or correction is a great gift..
--end transmission--

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